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Crime of the Week

If you have any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, you are urged to log on to our Tips Website at http://juneaucrimeline.com and submit a Web Tip .  You do not have to give your name.  CRIME LINE will pay a cash reward of up to $1000 if your tips provides results and, you can remain anonymous if you choose. 

12/19/2014 - Burglary at Rejuvenation Salon & Spa

Between the night of December 16th and the morning of December 17th, there was a burglary of a Juneau spa called "Rejuvenation" at 3017 Clinton Drive near Safeway. The main door had a window broken which is how the suspect accessed to the business. The safe at the business was taken, probably without being opened. It is believed the suspect will need commercial grade tools to open the safe. The safe is designed to need a combination put into a digital key pad plus a key to open.

Witnesses say there has been a suspicious dark colored box van frequenting that area over the last week. That van may be associated with this burglary.

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12/12/2014 - Burglary at Nana`s Attic on Seward Street
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Between the night of December 10th and the morning of December 11th, there was a burglary of a business called "Nana’s Attic" at 205 Seward Street. The main door had been pried open and display cases were shattered.

The suspect or suspects took dozens of items including costume jewelry, antique fishing equipment, foreign and collectable coins and currency, native style carvings, and silver-spoons. The total volume of property would be substantial to carry. The total value of the property is well over $5,000.

The suspect left behind sleeping bag stuff sacks. Two of the stuff sacks were blue and tan and were a Walmart brand called Ozark Trails. One stuff sack was orange and was a Fred Meyer brand called Glacier Edge.

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12/5/2014 - Home Burglary on Ninnis Drive
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On November 26th, a 54 year old Juneau man reported that sometime between the end of October and November 24th, someone took $5300 worth of jewelry from his home in the 9000 block of Ninnis Drive. It is likely the home was accidentally left unlocked and the suspect gained entry.

The missing jewelry includes a black pearl ring, a 24 inch rope necklace, a 6 diamond wedding band along with two plain wedding bands. Also missing is a graduation ring from Troy High School.

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11/21/2014 - Commercial Burglary on Teal Street
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On November 10, 2014, at about 7:00 in the evening, a man broke into a business in the 8600 block of Teal Street. The suspect pried open the cash register and took about $150 dollars. A great deal of the time the suspect was in the business, he was being captured on video. The Juneau Police Department would like to have the public`s assistance in identifying the man. Pictures are available on the Juneau Police Department Facebook page.

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11/14/2014 - Burglary on St. Ann`s Avenue in Douglas

On November 7th, 2014, at about 9:30 in the evening, a resident of the 600 block of St. Ann’s Avenue in Douglas reported having been burglarized sometime in the last four hours. The suspect or suspects entered the unlocked home and took $800 in cash, and an iphone with a red and black case.

The suspect ransacked the house, pulling out drawers and dumping them. He or she opened pill bottles and threw pills around the residence.

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10/31/2014 - Stolen Van on Brandy Lane
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Sometime between October 17th and October 20th, 2014, someone took a 1992 Toyota mini-van, gray in color and with a hatchback, from in front of a storage unit on Brandy Lane. The vehicle was found in the Fred Meyer parking lot by a Juneau Police Department Community Service Officer on October 21, at about 2:00 in the afternoon.

The discovery may have caused the suspect to abandon the vehicle before he or she planned. There was a great deal of personal property in the vehicle that either belonged to the suspect or was stolen in other incidents. One such item is a worn men’s extra- large black leather jacket which was collected along with other clothing.

This suspect is also likely to be associated with drug use as multiple syringes were found in the vehicle. Officers have collected fingerprints and DNA, which are being analyzed. The case is of particular interest to JPD as there have been multiple recent thefts in the area around Industrial Boulevard. These crimes may all be associated with one person or a small group of individuals.

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10/24/2014 - Stolen Truck Door on Industrial Avenue
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A teenage boy and his father’s project took a negative turn when someone stole the door off the pickup the two had been fixing. The door was taken between the evening of October 17th and the morning of October 18th, 2014, while parked at the corner of Industrial Avenue and Crazy Horse Drive. The pair who was working on the truck had been borrowing a commercial shop in the area to work on a transmission repair.

During the incident the windshield of the truck was also broken. The total cost of the damages is $3500.

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10/17/2014 - Multiple Gas Siphonings

Between September 18th and the 24th, several Juneau residents reported gas siphoned from vehicles. There was 44 gallons taken from the 1900 block of Lemon Creek Road, 40 gallons from the 1700 block of Glacier Highway and 5 gallons from the 4200 block of North Douglas.

All of the vehicles involved were built in the mid-1990s. Vehicles built after 2000 often have a valve that shuts off gas if a vehicle rolls. The valve is a fire protection device that also prevents someone from pushing a hose into the gasoline. JPD recommends drivers of vehicles built before the year 2000 consider a locking gas cap, especially if gas has already been stolen. Thieves will tend to return to a vehicle where they have previously been successful.

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10/10/2014 - Car Rifling on Cinema Drive

On September 27, 2014, at about 10:15 in the evening, a woman reported someone had entered her vehicle and taken an Apple Macbook and a Yamaha trumpet. There were no signs of forced entry. The theft happened while the woman was at the movie theater at 9091 Cinema Drive.

JPD would like to remind movie-goers that their vehicles are an attractive target since thieves know the person will be gone for a defined period of time. Those drivers should take extra precautions to make sure vehicles are locked and not to leave valuables within view if someone were to look into the car. One option is to lock valuables in the trunk of a car, which is much more difficult for thieves to access and usually won`t be accidentally left unlocked as can happen with passenger doors.

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10/3/2014 - Missing Vehicle
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On September 16th, 2014, a 31 year old Juneau woman rented a 2014 white Chevrolet Impala from a company at the Juneau International Airport. The car rental was for one day but the vehicle has not been returned as of October 3rd, 2014. Officers of the Juneau Police Department have not been able to locate the car or the woman who rented it, Tiffany Spaulding. Multiple associates of Spaulding have been contacted and denied knowing the location of the vehicle or Spaulding. Those associates did not report Spaulding as being missing or endangered but JPD officers would like to confirm that she is safe.

JPD would like the public’s assistance is finding both Spaulding and the car. The license plate on the vehicle is GTC565.

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